The Idea Validation workshop at GITAM, Visakhapatnam

TiE beholds the fact that many startups are either stagnant or are still in the idea phase and therefore, sensed the need for a business model validation exercise. The TiE Institute’s workshop event about ‘Idea Validation’ was held in the Gitam Institute of Management at Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam on April 20th 2018. The event was presented in a workshop format with facilitators being Mr.Sreekanth from Hyderabad Angels, and Mr.Revanth from Endiya Partners.

The first half of the workshop was an interactive session, where all the participants have discussed several aspects that need to be taken care-of in evaluating an idea and preparing a business plan. All the participants who enrolled in the workshop were asked to fill out a questionnaire before attending the workshop and the responses have been shared with the facilitators. The facilitators of the event had a one-to-one discussion on the business plan of each startup during the second half of the workshop based on a questionnaire filled by the participants.

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